Chef Zorba’s Greek Restaurant

Just a few blocks from the many restaurants in Denver's Greek Town area on East Colfax Avenue sits an inviting, less gritty but equally tasty Greek-style diner. Chef Zorba's Greek Restaurant in the tiny business district on East 12th Avenue is the gathering spot for Congress Park neighbors. Graced with a large front patio and more foot traffic than automobile traffic, the ambiance certainly has an edge on its Colfax counterparts.

Inside, the décor is relaxed but charming, with booths, a lunch counter with stools and the expected framed prints of scenic Greece. There seldom is a wait, and diners are invited to seat themselves. Seconds after seating you, the staff hustles to bring water and menus and take drink orders. The wait staff is that rare combination of casual and friendly, but also super-efficient.

A great way to start off your meal is the enormous Greek appetizer plate, a beautifully presented platter with two types of cheese, stuffed grape leaves, gyros, souvlaki, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes and pita. And you can never go wrong with saganaki, the Greek flaming cheese dish.

The classic Greek gyros are a delicious version of the original. Other Greek favorites on the large, six-page menu include moussaka, pastichio and kabobs. 

And hooray to Chef Zorba's for offering breakfast all day. In a town where there are far too few breakfast establishments, here you can walk right in and order up your eggs without a wait, even on Saturdays and Sundays.  And the breakfasts are seriously yummy, American-style with a Greek twist. The short- order cook across the counter is a pro at dishing up perfect eggs, fluffy pancakes and huge omelets. Toss in a side of gyros or souvlaki, and you are set until dinner.

Chef Zorba’s History

old town greek denverChef Zorba's has been in the Congress Park neighborhood since 1979.  Chef Zorba’s Greek Restaurant is a true Denver classic in the heart of "Old Greek Town.”  In 2000, the Tsiopelas family including Jimmy, Shellie and brother Dino purchased Chef Zorba’s.  It had always been a dream of Jimmy Tsiopelas to own a restaurant.  Jimmy’s father owned a kafenio in Nestani, Greece.  With the Grecian cuisine so important in Greek culture it was natural for Jimmy to want to own a restaurant. 

The restaurant went through a major renovation and expansion in 2004.  With help, the Tsiopelas family opened the new Chef Zorba’s Family Restaurant.  Today, Jimmy and Shellie Tsiopelas run Zorba's with the help of our three great daughters, wait staff and kitchen staff ran by Ruben.